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Best Sweet, Cute, Romantic Pick Up Lines For Flirting to Use on Girls

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Love is a many-splendored thing as the movie suggests.

Yes, it is. But in a world where money is considered the primary factor to live and people are busy looking for it, do you still find time to date and to fall in love?

Love is a mutual feeling and how you end up with that is built by a series of events known as dating.

In this generation, teenagers find love through texts, social media, emails and other means of technology. Others find it too casual, and inappropriate.

But in the end, if you know that person makes you happy, you might end up considering that he or she is the one meant for you.

For the guys who want to get the girl you have been dreaming of, try cute pick up lines to use on girls. It might help you.

There are a lot of pick up lines for flirting, from sweet and cheesy, to nasty, to naughty and wild. Some may also use this as icebreakers.

When you are going on a date or you happen to be attracted to someone you met in the mall or a bar, sweet pick up lines also works.

Here are some examples.

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“Are you Google? Because everything I want to look for is in you.”

If you want to get her number, you can use this one.

“I lost of all my contacts, can I have yours?” or this,

“My phone seems to be damaged, it doesn’t have your number in it”.

When you want to know her more, take this:

“Do you like water? In that case, you already like the 70% of me. Do you want to know the other 30%?”

“You are an intelligent person because you get to know me”

“My name is Jack, are you Rose?”

“I love ice cream, and you too”

“Hey gorgeous, that is your name right?”

You can also use pick up lines in the middle of a conversation or for purposes to turn her on. If you are shy enough to say things straightly, there is a way to make it more convincing.

Here are some lines you might consider:

“I wish I was a letter I in the keyboard because I always want to be beside U”

“Are You Steve Jobs, because you are the apple of my eyes”

“You don’t need to join beauty pageants to be a queen because you are already my only queen”

“I think I am blind, I cannot see anyone but you”

“It is always summer when I am with you because the sun always shines when you smile”

“Are you Y?, you complete my D-A-Y”

“Even all the riches in the world are lost, I will still be the wealthiest man because I’ve got a treasure like you”

“You are like a bitter gourd, even though you are so bitter, you are still the nutrient I need”

“If you were Cinderella, can I be your Prince Charming?”

“Are you Atlas, because my world rests upon you”

“I wish it is Christmas time, I already included you in my wish list”

“Have you studied Survival 101, because you have tied my heart in a knot”

Girls always wanted to feel they are loved and cherished. These romantic pick up lines can also help you impress them.

“Are you a poop? I can’t play with you”

“If beauty were time, for you it would be the eternity”

“If you are a candle in the night, I would rather stay in the dark than to light you up and melt over time”

“When you say you love me, I wish you were a pirated DVD so you would repeat it over and over again”

“Your name seems to be incomplete, it lacks my surname in it”

“Please do not hide from me, because someone like you is hard to find”

“I need not be Thomas Edison to invent the light bulb, because every time I see you, my world lightens up”

“I would like to be Larry Graham or Ne-yo because you are One in a Million”

“I need not study a lot or excel in every field because I already have the greatest achievement anyone can have You”.

If you are the nerd type or the girl you like is somewhat brainy, these clever pick up lines are for you to try.

“Do you like trigonometry, if yes, what is your sin? I am sure it is pi/2 because I know you’re the one”

“You are my sun because you are the center of my solar system”

“I think scientists should have developed the fifth fundamental force because I am attracted to you strongly.”

Humor can also be included in the list of pick up lines to use on girls.

“Did you just fart? You blew me away”

“You can fall from the sky or the tree, but the best way is to fall in love with me”

“I would pick you first if you were a booger”

“Is your father a thief, because somebody stole my heart and left it with you”

“I tried to make my heart as hard as a metal but you did not tell me yours was a magnet”

“Are you an alien, because my love for you is out of this world”

“I think you dropped something, my jaw”

“It looks like you don’t need the phrase God bless you because He already did”.

Dirty tricks somewhat help, especially when you are drunk. Some of these dirty pick up lines to use on girls are the following.

“I like bacon very much, can you strip?”

“Is this a true diamond, it will look good on my nightstand”

“Would you like to know the object that has 142 teeth that hold back incredible hulk, that is my zipper.”

These sweet pick up lines to use on girls can help you in a way but courting a girl or dating someone rests on how your personality and attitude attract the one you like – on how you interact with her and make her feel special.

In all circumstances, a relationship is built on trust and confidence, not on pick up lines.


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