How to Make Your Penis Look Bigger

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If you ask men if there is one particular part of their body or their appearance they would like to change the most, a good majority would readily say it is the size of their manhood. [1]

However, for most men, just because they would love to have a larger penis, it does not automatically mean that they would be willing to undergo an invasive procedure or spend money on a male enhancement device.

Some would be happy to make their penis look bigger – and there are several ways you can do that.

Trim Your Pubic Hair

You’ll be surprised, but your pubic hair, depending on its length, can make your penis look shorter than its actual length – by more than 2 cm. in most cases.

You can instantly make your penis look longer just by trimming your pubic hair. Besides, it will also make you look neater and tidier.

Learn How to Control Your Dick Even in Its Flaccid State

Not too many men will admit it, but men in general experience feeling self-conscious the most when – you guessed it – their penis is in a limp state.

This is because men are at their “tiniest” when flaccid, which often happens on cold days. [2]

No man wants their partner to see their limp penis, right?

The good news is that there is a couple of things that you can do to control the size of your limp dick.

Aside from the temperature in the environment, there are 2 ways to achieve this through mental arousal and the urge to urinate.

Either of these ways can help make your dick bigger without being in its fully erect state.

Practice these two methods, and then observe how much difference they make in the size of your penis. While it may not be a lot, you will notice an increase in your penis length.

Manage Your Weight

While you cannot expect immediate results through weight management, it is nevertheless an essential tip.

For one, the shape of your body has a bearing on how large your dick appears.

If you are a short and slim guy, for example, with a 5” penis, your dick will look bigger than that of a taller, overweight guy with the same penis length.

Although there is nothing you can do about your height, especially if you have already stopped growing, you can do something about your weight.

If you lose excess weight and tone up, you can be sure that your tummy will not hide your dick. This alone will give an illusion that you gained a longer penis.

Learn Your Best Angles

The problem with most men is that they assess the size of their penis by looking down.

If you do this, it will make your dick look smaller than its actual size because you are trying to look from an improper angle.

There are angles; however, that can be kind to your penis.

If you learn the right way to use these angles, you can give the illusion of a bigger and longer penis to anyone who cares to see – especially your partner in bed.

Why don’t you stand up and try it now? Get in front of a mirror with your penis in all its erect glory!

Look at your penis from various angles. Take note of the angles where you look best. Usually, your penis will look bigger when seen at an angle of 45 degrees.

Other Methods

All the techniques discussed previously can help make your penis look more prominent.

However, these are all temporary, and if you need a lasting solution, there are other methods available. These include:

Using a Penis Extender

A penis extender device utilizes a similar technique to orthopedic surgery, which is to apply traction on your dick’s corpora cavernosa that cause penile tissues to tear and replicate.

As the tissues grow bigger and multiply, they allow your penis to accommodate more blood, resulting in harder erections.

Likewise, curvatures and premature ejaculations are minimized.

More importantly, the entire process adds valuable inches to your manhood. [3]

It is also worth mentioning that using a penis extender device such as Phalosan forte or SizeGenetics is painless.

Reputable devices like SizeGenetics use only medical-grade materials, as well as the patented 16-Way Comfort Technology.

Thus, regardless of the size, sensitivity, or angle of your dick, you can wear the device comfortably without experiencing chafing or any other type of discomfort.

Using Penis Pumps and Exercises

Other than penis extenders, you can also use penile exercises, and penis pumps to increase the size of your penis. [4]

Because these methods are natural and non-invasive, unlike surgery, you can expect results without the risks and expenses associated with expensive male enhancement procedures. [5]

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