How Do Penis Extenders Work?

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A penis extender works by employing a slight pressure to elongate the penis gently over time. This light force is called traction.

It may seem like simply stretching the male member, but the entire process is a bit more complicated than that.

How the Penis Is Designed

You can better appreciate the functions of a penis extender by understanding the male anatomy.

The penis has various parts that include the root section or base, the shaft that holds the glans or head, and the covering skin tissue. The penis is connected to the pelvis by a suspensory ligament that likewise supports an erection.

A thin tube known as the urethra passes the bladder and prostate, leading to the ventral or underside of the penis via the glans. It is where sperm and urine are ejected. The urethra is a region composed of soft tissues called spongiosum.

Two larger tissue regions run parallel at the dorsal or top side of the penis. These are called the corpus cavernosum and surround the two main arteries that deliver blood to the penis.

Simply put, these tissue regions supply the bulk of the blood that sustains the penis during an erection.

The penis extender is intended to work on increasing the capacity of the corpus cavernosum to, in turn, make the penis larger.

The penis is not a muscle as it is made up of spongy, soft tissues similar to the stomach and other body organs. Thus, exercise cannot help in increasing penile mass, just like how working out affects the calves and biceps.

If that were the case, then no man would be left with a minuscule dick. To make their penis bigger, “small” men need to look for other means. A surgical procedure is an option, but it is risky, and the cost is too prohibitive. Food supplements are ineffective, and exercise simply does not work.

The only viable alternative is a penis extender such as Phallosan Forte or SizeGenetics.

Effect of Constant Exposure to Traction on the Penis

Stretching causes microscopic cuts on the cell tissues of the penis. This signals the body to respond automatically by generating new tissues in the area.

This, in turn, forces the penis to enlarge. The process likewise enhances blood distribution in the area. To accommodate the increased blood flow, the vessels are prompted to expand.

All these activities contribute to a wider and longer penis. The treatment is also believed to produce longer-lasting and harder erections.

It is worth mentioning that sufficient time is the key to using penis extenders correctly and achieving a sustained and significant increase in penis size.

Enhancing the size of your penis involves an incremental process, and you must wear the penis stretcher anywhere from four to six hours on a daily basis.

Most manufacturers suggest using the device twice a day for two to three hours each time. This is best done during the daytime or morning, and again at night. This must be done every single day for several months at least.

When deciding on a convenient schedule for wearing the device, consider your work requirements and your lifestyle.

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