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Blackwater Security Jobs – 10 Fascinating Viewpoints

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Viewpoint #1

Do you want to be a part of Blackwater and work on one of the many Blackwater jobs out there?

First, you should know that the company does.

The company intends to train security personnel as well as provide security services for different firms all over U.S. and all around the world.

Because of its rapid deployment of personnel, it has retained the trust of its clients ever since its establishment in 1997 (buy the way, one of its most notable clients is the U.S. Government).

The company’s headquarters is found in Arlington, Virginia, and its primary training center is located in Morlock, North Carolina, with satellite training centers in San Diego, California, and Salem, Ohio.

The company strives to make its own personnel competent in assessment, training, and protection.

Who Can Take Over Blackwater jobs?

If you have worked in the military, in law enforcement, or security before, then you are encouraged to apply.

Over 95% of the company’s personnel come from former employees from these three branches.

Professionals from private corporations are also welcome.

It is expected that applicants from these fields will carry over the discipline and the integrity they have imbibed so that they can pass them off to future generations of people willing to be like them.

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Blackwater’s workplace is highly motivating; people there can expect unity and productivity while on the job.

Employees from Blackwater are often veterans, so they are surely experienced; they know what they are doing on the job.

Employees holding Blackwater jobs are expected to embody these six guiding principles:

  1. Integrity: Employees must always uphold high ethical standards in dealing with clients and other employees.
  2. Governance: Employees must take not only full ethical responsibility but also full legal responsibility for their actions. There is a Board of Directors which oversees and guides the company in its work.
  3. Excellence: Employees must always aim for top-notch work and must act professionally at all times.
  4. Dignity: Employees must know the rights and respect the beliefs of fellow employees, their clients, and the different communities where they operate. People should be treated with utmost dignity.
  5. Teamwork: While employees are individuals and should be regarded as such, they work together to serve clients well.
  6. Innovation: Employees are encouraged to generate novel solutions to emerging problems.

Do all of these look good for you?

If yes, then you should check out some examples of Blackwater jobs and see where you fit most: administrative assistant, pricing analyst, claims analyst, XPG lead instructor, XPG casual instructor, Navy instructor, firearms and tactics instructor, ATA instructor, WPPS instructor, proposal writer, export compliance manager, and subcontracts manager.

If you are familiar with these, then submit your application to Blackwater and we just wish you the best of luck.

If you have the necessary qualifications and the personality, then you’ll surely be accepted.

Blackwater jobs are always in demand – of course, many people will want to work for a powerhouse in the security industry, won’t they?

Viewpoint #2

Any former military personnel with advanced training may consider one of many Blackwater jobs as an alternative to outright retirement after a military career.

The positions available with Blackwater require strength, endurance, and previous martial arts or tactical experience, just to name a few requirements.

Jobs with the company are not easy to achieve, either, as the applicants for any position face strict and unwavering requirements to guarantee the best possible workforce at a company specializing in security and military services for the government.

Each employee must also meet requirements set by the U.N., as work is typically done in foreign countries.

Blackwater jobs are divided into three levels.

Those levels vary from the basic up close and personal combat experiences to the protection of forces or higher level personnel and finally to the jobs that have a particular focus for the person who is employed.

The company also has nine different business units that focus on a variety of security and transportation types.

To procure a job with any of the units and, indeed, anywhere in the company, it is best to believe the process will be long and arduous.

The jobs available through this company will require tenacity in practice and applying for open positions with the company requires similar persistence.

Postings for Blackwater jobs do appear on the company’s website.

The jobs are typically posted with specific requirements, such as the ability to speak foreign languages or a set number of years of experience in certain combat situations, noted.

In addition to these requirements, job applicants need to be between the age of 20 and 55, in good physical health and with a current physical documenting this, a clean credit report and also clean criminal background, as well as clean drug testing for a period of at least seven years.

Another requirement is that each applicant has a high school diploma.

Blackwater jobs are high-end positions with numerous requirements and the necessity for a positive background in life thus far.

The positions send employees into dangerous situations with little guarantee of safety due to the very nature of the company.

Those applying to the company are typically aware of and even searching for this type of scenario in their future work.

Therefore, while Blackwater jobs are not for the naive or unsuspecting, they are a fulfilling type of work for those up for the challenge and prepared for the unexpected.

Viewpoint #3

There are a variety of Blackwater jobs that are available for individuals seeking work within a private military. Blackwater was established in 1997 and is located in Moyock, North Carolina.

Due to controversial issues in Iraq, Blackwater felt it was best to restructure the company, and in 2009, announced that they would now operate under the name Xe. Now and since 2011, it is known as Academi.

The private military contracts its employees out to the U.S. government and other governments around the world.

Since the employees possess a unique skill base, the government can trust that Blackwater employees are dependable, trustworthy and professional.

Many jobs exist within Blackwater, including training and operations, logistics, legal, human resources, marketing, and facility services.

Blackwater jobs are appealing because they offer an environment where government and military training are valued while affording their employees the opportunity to travel overseas and assist in times of conflict.

There are many different career paths that one can take when working for Blackwater, although some of the most common include helping with disaster relief, assisting the Federal government and working for the CIA.

Since a lot of the opportunities coincide with areas of conflict, it’s essential that Blackwater employees have the necessary skills and training.

Although Blackwater mercenary jobs demand that their employees possess a very distinct set of skills, there is also further training provided on-the-job.

To ensure that ex-militia is competent in their training and experience, Blackwater continues to offer military and defense training, some of which takes place overseas.

Working for Blackwater is not for the faint-hearted, as these jobs require a great deal of skill, precision, and physical stamina.

Even those that work at the head office located in North Carolina need to pay close attention to detail and heed the professionalism and dedication that goes into Blackwater careers.

Blackwater jobs can be found online, and a detailed resume will need to be faxed to the company.

If you are interested in a job but feel as if you don’t have the proper training, consider partaking in training exercises at Blackwater.

The company provides rigorous training for employees and other organizations.

Trainers see a wide variety of students that come from different backgrounds. The training is incomparable and recognized as being high-quality, extensive and vigilant.

Not only do Blackwater employees exude dedication and professionalism, but they also need to know how to handle manners quickly and efficiently.

If you’re interested in using your skills to better the government, Blackwater jobs may be the perfect fit.

Viewpoint #4

Blackwater jobs are primarily focused on security, military and law enforcement.

Many employees of Blackwater, or who have been trained through their variety of programs, find work overseas in areas where conflict is currently underway.

For those interested in military or law enforcement careers, or national security, these careers might be a perfect fit. Blackwater can also employ military or law enforcement veterans.

Blackwater USA, or Academi as it is known today, does the majority of its business as a security contractor for the US State Department.

Until recently, it provided a large number of contractors working with the CIA in Afghanistan, Irak and Syria.

If you are looking for a job that will provide military and defense training, and which is likely to send you overseas to assist the Federal government, Blackwater can provide that career path.

Blackwater provides training for its employees as well as for other organizations.

The training facility sees over forty thousand trainees every year, all focused on security, military and law enforcement related courses and field training.

The training provided is extensive, focused and very high quality.

In addition to hiring individuals to fill specific contracts with the US Defense Department and elsewhere, Blackwater also maintains a highly skilled and extensive training staff at their main offices in North Carolina.

The majority of the trainees are military or law enforcement personnel.

Veterans of the military or law enforcement careers are needed to make up the staff of training personnel, as they already have much of the training and skills necessary to fill these positions.

Training exercises at Blackwater are not for the timid.

Those wishing to train or be trained at this facility should be prepared for intense situations including offensive and defensive tactical maneuvers and terrain-specific situations.

Blackwater jobs can also include on-site training with programs specially developed for a particular corporation or institution’s needs.

Trainers can expect to see a wide variety of students, and might also be called upon to develop courses and deliver them on-site.

Viewpoint #5

Blackwater employment opportunities are available in many areas.

Blackwater is charged with peacekeeping duties and stability operations around the globe. Over 90 percent of the company’s revenue is derived from government contracts.

To be successful in this demanding field, Blackwater hires only the premier applicants.

The most significant number of employment opportunities is available for guards and protective service specialists. Blackwater seeks individuals who have prior military experience.

A background in intelligence is an asset. Only trained and highly qualified applicants are considered for jobs with Blackwater.

Protective service specialists should have a verifiable history of experience in protective security assignments.

Optimally, this experience was gained in either military service or while in the employment of the federal government.

Experience in a Special Weapons and Tactical Operations division of a state or local law enforcement agency will also be considered.

Individuals interested in pursuing Blackwater employment opportunities as guards are required to have extensive prior experience.

This experience can be gained while serving in the military or while employed by a local police agency.

Experience as a local guard will also be considered. Additionally, applicants must be able to demonstrate familiarity with matters of access control and physical security.

Since 1997, Blackwater has been a leader in training and operational solutions across the world.

The company is comprised of five business units. Blackwater USA is a private security company specializing in providing training to members of the military, law enforcement, counterterrorism, and homeland security organizations.

With two world-class training facilities, the company trains over 40,000 people each year. Fully trained individuals are then recruited by the military, law enforcement, and security organizations across the globe.

Blackwater routinely recruits individuals for numerous positions throughout the United States and around the world.

In addition to the operative side of Blackwater, employees are also needed to work in numerous support positions throughout the company.

Considering the type of duties that employees perform, a career with Blackwater is not for everyone. The hiring practices are specifically designed to employ only the most highly skilled applicants.

Anyone interested in applying for Blackwater employment must be a citizen of the United States and have a current passport.

Applicants must be in excellent physical condition and have no felony or violent crime history.

Applicants must be drug-free and have a sound financial background. Some positions require that applicants have combined law enforcement and military experience.

Viewpoint #6

Blackwater careers are sought generally by retired military personnel both from the United States and from abroad.

A career in providing security to potential clients means more danger and a higher stress position; although the salary is increased in direct connection to the risks taken.

Even the office positions available with Blackwater, which keep the employee far from danger zones, require such precise attention to detail that a higher paying salary is available for those who excel at the jobs they hold.

Therefore, those who believe they are capable of meeting high standards to achieve the corresponding high salary have strong potential to be employed by Blackwater.

Blackwater careers can earn the employee a salary of roughly $120,000 per year and sometimes much more, with the employee considered an independent contractor.

The majority of Blackwater employment is as an operative, where work is done in the field on security contracts with governments or other employers seeking security details.

However, careers in legal, human resources, marketing, logistics and training, and operations are also available through the company.

With a U.S. citizenship, a background clear of drug misuse or criminal activity and also a minimum four-year tour with a branch of the armed forces, a career with Blackwater may be well within reach.

Blackwater careers require knowledge of weapons, combat and consider fluency in foreign languages a definite bonus for potential employees.

Therefore, studying and preparing for the career field before even considering the submission of an application is critical.

Particularly if you have a specific region of the world where you are interested in working, studying the language, details of the country and both combat and defense skills will increase the likelihood of your application being considered.

Also, the laws and rules of the country that holds your interest are essential pieces of knowledge to be well familiar with before applying for work in that particular region.

Blackwater careers are, therefore, lucrative and ideal for those seeking a challenge who are competent in high-risk situations and confident in their abilities to complete tasks assigned in foreign countries.

Also, for those who are retiring from military positions who wish to continue helping the armed forces, training positions with Blackwater can pay high salaries while allowing the successful assistance of numerous government agencies.

Blackwater careers are such that the pay matches the risks taken and the expectations set. Many individuals with experience in high-risk lifestyles find a home with Blackwater.

Viewpoint #7

The prospect of getting Blackwater employment is getting good right now, as there are many job openings from the company (and these openings will continue to emerge now and then), but first, let us take a look at the operations of the company.

Blackwater’s primary function is training security people all over the world; its other important function is to provide security services for various firms, notable the US Government.

Ever since 1997, its dedicated training and its quick personnel deployment have made it a trusted security company.

The main training center is found in Morlock, North Carolina; there are also satellite training grounds in Salem and San Diego.

The many types of equipment there guarantee optimal work experiences. The company’s headquarters is found in Arlington, Virginia.

Now, what experiences and qualifications should you have so that you have a good chance of attaining Blackwater employment?

Being in the military or law enforcement fields is a big plus when you apply for jobs (although you will be matched to a specific job according to your specific experience).

Nearly all of Blackwater’s personnel had military or law enforcement experiences before.

Some former employees from the private sector are also free to apply if they have relevant experiences.

What is essential, however, is that any employees of Blackwater should have the passion to pass on their knowledge to the new generation of people who want to emulate them, because training is not only their main job but also their primary vocation.

Anyone who has a hold of Blackwater employment should live with six principles in mind.

First, Blackwater employees must always be ethical in their dealings with others; they should always respect the dignity of persons.

Second, they must be fully responsible for the legal implications of their actions; for that, there is a Board of Directors willing to guide them in their duties.

Third, they must always do their best and behave professionally all the time at any place.

Fourth, they must recognize that other people have rights and beliefs which they should respect. They must also be sensitive to the practices of bigger communities where they work.

Fifth, they should always work as a team, with the conviction that many hands working together can achieve more things.

Sixth, they should be innovative and resourceful.

What duties have involved Blackwater employment before?

Primarily, for the past several years, the company has engaged in thousand missions regarding security.

The company’s personnel have even served in high-risk operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Besides, the company has trained the following categories of people: local and foreign military personnel, local government personnel, specialists in counter-terrorism, and law enforcement personnel.

Risk management in threatening situations is also a specialty of the company.

So do all of these excite you?

Then you can check out Blackwater’s job openings and apply for one which suits you best. In due time, you can get Blackwater employment and have some thrilling and meaningful experiences.

Viewpoint #8

Blackwater careers pose the perfect opportunity for ex-military personnel to use their unique set of skills and training.

Blackwater was formed in 1997 as an organization that offered support to personnel in the military and law enforcement.

Blackwater restructured itself to Xe Services LLC in 2009 and Academi in 2011, although most people still call it Blackwater.

This private military is the largest of its kind and supplies over 1,000 personnel to the United States Federal Government and also has contracts with the Central Intelligence Agency and other government sectors.

With multiple units, Blackwater has many positions for ex-military personnel to continue their strengths.

One of the most essential components to Blackwater careers is that they allow those with specialized training to continue using their skills.

There are many different divisions that military personnel can work in, including the K-9 division or sectors working with the construction of aircraft and vehicles.

Blackwater also provides strategic and hands-on weapon training, as well as training in off-road driving applications that are used by government agencies.

With the events going on in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Blackwater has worked hard to preserve its image and protect its employees.

Although Blackwater careers are heavily dominated by ex-military personnel, the organization also employs clerical staff, accountants, logistical managers, and human resources personnel.

Although these individuals do not work in dangerous situations, the positions require precision and attention to detail.

No matter which profession is obtained through Blackwater, you can expect that the pay rate will be rather high.

This is another appeal to Blackwater jobs, as they allow ex-militia to use their set of skills while earning a high living.

Even those that work in the office setting are paid a higher salary than those employed in non-security settings.

In addition to the competitive salaries offered by Blackwater careers, there are special tax provisions for many of the positions.

This makes stationing overseas more appealing to candidates, especially those who want to continue using their expertise in the security field.

Although these types of job positions are a viable option for ex-militia, there are others that are worthy candidates.

The probability of being offered a job will be less likely, but if you have a unique set of skills to offer that will value the organization as a whole, your application may be considered.

Degrees and experience in counterterrorism, battlefield first aid or helicopter piloting can all prove helpful in being hired for Blackwater careers.

Viewpoint #9

If you’re interested in Blackwater employment, there is much to be learned about this private military that now operates under the name of Academi.

Blackwater was established in 1997 and is headquartered in North Carolina.

In 2011, the company notified employees that it would restructure itself under the name Academi, which many assumed was to distance itself from controversial issues.

Today, the company markets its trained militia to the United States government, as well as other governments throughout the globe.

Employees have unique sets of skills that are generally obtained in the military, which is why the majority of candidates are ex-military personnel.

Blackwater employment is difficult to obtain, as the company looks for trustworthy individuals who possess a unique set of skills.

The salary is rather high, and even those who work in the office setting, including clerical workers and logistical managers, need to employ a great deal of precision, accuracy, and professionalism in their day-to-day routine.

That’s not to say that it’s impossible to get a job through Blackwater; if you have a particular set of skills that will benefit the company, you may be an ideal candidate.

Examples include experience in helicopter piloting and counterterrorism.

When seeking Blackwater employment, you’ll find positions in legal, human resources, marketing, facility services, logistics and training, and operation.

Each job has its own qualifications and the company also operates on a tiered system.

Tier 1 involves such specialties as hostage rescue and intelligence collection.

Tier 2 involves force protection and executive close protection.

Tier 3 includes logistical specialties.

When applying for any Blackwater position, you’ll need to meet the basic requirements that include factors such as a high school diploma, clean bill of health and 4-8 years of active duty in the U.S. military.

Blackwater employment has received much praise, as the private military offered to the government are dependable, knowledgeable and have adequate training.

Blackwater has a proven track record and acts quickly, being able to provide the necessary personnel to aid in safety, disaster relief, and security.

With such a strong presence in the military field, it’s essential that Blackwater takes their employment seriously and spends time assessing the right candidates for the job.

It is the vision of Blackwater to provide security, peace, and freedom to people everywhere.

If this sounds like the right fit for you, Blackwater employment is an excellent way to give back to the U.S. and beyond.

Viewpoint #10

Blackwater careers are as lucrative as they are meaningful, and many ex-military employees find that their skills and training can be put to good use in many different capacities within the company.

Blackwater was formed in 1997 as an organization that provided training support to military and law enforcement personnel.

In 2009, Blackwater reorganized under the name Xe Services LLC, and in 2011 under the name Academi; it is still more commonly known by its former name.

The United States State Department uses several private contractors to provide security for diplomats and embassies worldwide.

Of these contractors, Blackwater supplies nearly 1,000 personnel. It is the largest private security contractor to the United States Federal Government.

In addition to the State Department, Blackwater also holds contracts with the Central Intelligence Agency and other United States government agencies.

Multiple Units

Blackwater does business as multiple independent units.

It operates the United States Training Center to provide tactical and hands-on weapon training, hand to hand combat training, marksmanship training, and training in off-road driving techniques to the military and other government agencies.

It operates Blackwater Security Consulting to provide protective services in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Blackwater also operates a K-9 division, which trains dogs for service as military and police dogs, and several units that specialize in the construction of remotely operated vehicles and aircraft, and in the construction of armored personnel carriers.

The company operates a Maritime Security Services unit that offers tactical training to the United States Navy and foreign maritime organizations.

The company also has several units that are neither Blackwater nor Academi brands.

Rewarding Occupations

Protecting diplomats on foreign soil and training police officers to protect and serve citizens are rewarding occupations in both the literal and figurative sense of the word. Blackwater careers are known to pay well.

Personnel stationed in war zones can make $150,000 per year or more, depending upon the location and the job services provided.

Many ex-military officers take these positions because of the high pay, and because they already have the specialized training required for the work involved.

There are special tax provisions for many of these positions that make overseas stationing even more attractive.

However, not all Blackwater careers require military training or involve dangerous work conditions.

Blackwater also employs clerical staff, accountants, human resources personnel and logistical managers.

These office careers with Blackwater demand attention to detail, and the compensation is well above the average for similar positions in non-security contractor firms.

Blackwater Training

Blackwater training is carried out by only the best results-driven professionals who have proven themselves enough to become veteran trainers for those who aspire to provide the best service under the name of the company.

Blackwater is known for its world-renowned quality of security solutions and training services.

The company caters to the individual as well as commercial and government organizations that require top-notch security management and risk assessment services.

As such, training of employed professionals is one of the most serious tasks of the company, making it also one of the basic foundations that lead Blackwater to where it is today.

With the organization’s services reaching governments and industries from all over the world, the only way to keep at the top of things is for the company to make sure that their instructors are also the best in the world.

Most of the professionals who conduct Blackwater training have been recruited from the military and the elite law enforcement agencies from across the globe, assuring anyone that the quality of their results is not to be belittled.

These professionals together with the system and structure that Blackwater provides can deliver a range of training exercise options including military group courses.

The options can consist of basic instructional courses as well as full-blown operations that are carried out in advanced settings.

Those who are interested in acquiring these training services will be pleased to know that they come with logistical support, meals and lodging, gear rental, ammunition, and firearms.

For those who also feel that they need specialized training modules, Blackwater can provide customized course offerings to meet the specific requirements of any training.

Some of the courses included in Blackwater training are high-risk live fire, counter terrorist, and basic and advanced training. The high risk live fire course is ideal for organizations or operations in combat.

Blackwater provides more than fifty firing ranges, including distance ranges of 800 and 1,200 yards.

The course is specially designed to illustrate real-life scenarios such as moving, stationary, pop-up, and even rotating targets.

There are also environments of urban, rural, water, as well as changing environmental settings.

Counter-terrorist training is also another famous course offered by the company. This allows military organizations to train for transnational terrorism combats.

The program has been established as support for the US government security initiatives.

Another essential course that is offered by Blackwater is basic and advanced driving.

The company’s driving facility is ideal for tactical driving as well as for practicing turns of various grades.

There are also obstacles littered across the facility, making this Blackwater training reflective of what happens in the real world.