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Zappos Jobs: Information and Advice

///Zappos Jobs: Information and Advice

There are plenty of Zappos jobs available each month. Since the company is still growing, they're constantly hiring new employees. Zappos is one of the country's favorite shoe suppliers. The workplace is also a favorite among the many people who work for Zappos. In 2009, Fortune Magazine ranked Zappos as the 38th top employer in the country. In 2011, it ranked eighth overall. The company's headquarters is in Henderson, Nevada. However, their future headquarters is in Las Vegas, Nevada. They also have a manufacturing plant located in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Although the company was acquired by Amazon, it still retains the reputable name that made it famous.

Most people who want Zappos jobs prefer to work at the company's headquarters. Thanks to the founders and Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos offers its employees one of the most unique workplace environments. After walking into the lobby, visitors immediately notice why employees rave about working at Zappos. There is a Dance Dance Revolution machine, free books and free popcorn waiting for them. The working environment is friendly and relaxed. The founders and CEO believe in promoting a family atmosphere. Another unique attribute is that the CEO doesn't have an office. He believes that having no door is the best way to have an open-door policy.

There are also Zappos jobs available in Shepherdsville. However, these jobs involve more physical labor than the office jobs at the main headquarters. Workers must package the goods and send them out. There is also an outlet store, so employees are frequently hired to work with customers. Although there are some supervisory and administrative positions available, most of the jobs in Shepherdsville require experience in production or shipping. The work environment is also nurturing and supportive in this location.

People who want Zappos jobs find that the company is more than happy to accept applications. Since most of Zappos' business is done online, applications are also submitted online. The best way to view the open positions and apply for them is to go directly to the company's main Web site. As Zappos continues to develop their future headquarters location, they will continue to hire new employees in Las Vegas. There are a wide variety of jobs. Zappos encourages interested applicants who don't have ego issues to apply. In addition to the required skills, experience or degrees for specific Zappos jobs, the company also requires applicants to have a positive attitude, eagerness to succeed and a team spirit.

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