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What is CHIPS Insurance?

//What is CHIPS Insurance?

CHIPS insurance was formerly known as SCHIP or State Children’s Insurance Program. Later, was simply called CHIP. It is founded in 1996. It is administered by the United States Health and Human Services. This program is only for families with children. This is designed to cater the middle class citizens of the United States who have a low income but, high enough to be qualified for Medicaid. In, 1997, Sen. Edward Kennedy together with Sen. Orin Hatch sponsored the program. They were supported by the former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. This was during the Clinton administration. In 2008, during the administration of George W. Bush, CHIP falls short in many states. The government was asking for more funding to cover the losses but the former President George W. Bush did not approve of it. He said that if they will increase the budget and increase the scope of middle-class children to be sponsored by the program, the main aim of the program will not be met.

Bush emphasized that the core of this program is to provide for the needy that cannot avail of other health insurance. If this will be extended to middle-class children, the goal will be different from its original purpose. But, in 2009, when the new administration of President Obama was inaugurated, he agreed to increase the budget up to include another 4M children across the country including the children of legal immigrants. A bill was made that the tobacco tax will be increased to augment the health budget of the nation. The bill was made into a law during the present administration. They increased 62 cents on cigarettes. That made $1.01 per cigarette pack. The US government took the 32.8B additional budget from the increase of tax of tobacco. CHIPS insurance covered 6.6M children across America. They provide free hospitalization, well baby check up, vaccination, dental check up and other services. Doctor’s visit of their choice is also provided, given that the doctor is under the CHIP program.

There is also regular check up, usage of hospital facilities like x-ray and ultrasound, with laboratory Tests, a provision of eyeglasses, eye exams and eye services. Medications and Vitamins are also provided within the program. CHIPS insurance eligibility income is $45,000 a year. In some states, this amount may be increased depending on how many family members are there. There are also other considerations. In using this program, there is a co-payment like when visiting a doctor. There is a $5-$10 charge. There is also a yearly fee of $50. The charge will not be beyond 5% of the income of the family. The main objective is still achieved by this health program for the middle class. CHIPS insurance is a great deal for ordinary working citizens of America.

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