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Goldfish Credit Card Review: Tips and Advice

///Goldfish Credit Card Review: Tips and Advice

The Goldfish credit card was originally a credit card offered by Discover in the UK. However, the Goldfish Company was bought out by Barclay's and folded into their Barclaycard program. With the takeover, Barclaycard now administers all Goldfish card accounts, but does not extend all the same benefits to these card holders that it does to customers who hold other forms of credit cards with the company. Along with other changes made to the cardholder agreement upon Barclaycard's acquisition of Goldfish, this lack of benefits makes the Goldfish card less attractive than other credit card offerings.

As a personal credit card, the Goldfish card is comparable to other consumer cards. However, the Goldfish credit card does not offer a rewards program commensurate with other cards issued by Barclaycards. If a generous rewards program is important to you, the Goldfish card might not be a good choice. Instead, you might wish to look into other options provided by Barclaycards for a card with interest rates typical of the industry paired with rewards and other benefits Barclaycard offers. Some of Barclaycard's credit cards have low interest rates, as well as other added features that make them quite attractive to the regular credit card user.

Overall, Barclaycard is a reputable company with a long history and a variety of stable financial tools available for its customers. Their online credit card management system for all their cards, including the Goldfish credit card, is secure, easy to use, and provides a good range of functionality to help you manage your account. You can also apply for a card directly online, and online tools help you choose which card will best suit your individual needs. If you are looking for a reliable card backed by a long-term, stable company, a card through Barclaycard seems like a good bet. The Goldfish card itself, though, is not their best quality product.

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