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Dental Insurance for Implant Procedures: What You Should Know

////Dental Insurance for Implant Procedures: What You Should Know

Dental implants are required to replace lost teeth after an injury or periodontal disease. While this treatment is a necessary part to restoring the health of your mouth, this procedure is very expensive. If you do not have dental insurance, you may be considering if there are any insurance plans that will cover the cost of dental implants. Fortunately, as the importance of oral health is becoming more encouraged through insurance providers, there are more companies offering dental insurance for implant procedures.

When announcing amendments to their insurance policies, most insurance providers do so with press releases. Many providers have stepped forward and not only offered comprehensive coverage plans for implants, but also for bridge work and dentures. What people must remember is the details that go into each insurance plan that will ultimately affect the out-of-pocket costs for implants.

First, when you find a company that offers dental insurance for implant procedures, check to see if there is a waiting period. Many plans require that you wait 6-12 months before having this type of work done, which may impact your overall choice for the provider you choose. Second, you must assess how complete the coverage plan is.

For example, some plans cover the implant procedure as long as it is medically necessary. In this case, you would need to get a written consent from your dentist, as well as evidence backing up this claim. Other insurance companies believe that implants are cosmetic in nature and do not require dental coverage.

For some insurance companies, they allow for a discount for implant work instead of covering the procedure in full. This may be a more reliable option, as the discount can be applied to the work instead of having to file a claim. While these plans have their benefits, members must pay into the plan, be responsible for membership fees and for the cost of the implant procedure.

Another factor to look for with dental insurance for implant procedures is what parts of the procedure are covered. Some companies only cover the work that leads up to the implant, as well as the aftercare, but not the implant itself. Knowing this information will avoid further frustrations down the road. To be upfront with people, insurance companies clearly state whether they provide implant coverage. While it’s nearly impossible to find insurance carriers that just provide coverage for dental implants, many are expanding their services to offer coverage as part of a larger plan.

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