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CHIPS Program: Who Qualifies?

////CHIPS Program: Who Qualifies?

CHIPS program or the Children’s Health Insurance Program runs a great deal of helping and giving quality healthcare to children from families who cannot afford a private health insurance but is also not qualified to avail of the Medicaid program of the United States government. This issue has to be determined carefully because the government does not want to overlap their services to their citizens. The government wants an equal sharing of benefits to all citizens including legal foreigners and immigrants. The children of the United States are the main stars of this program. More or less, the citizens in the near middle class range are the ones beneficiary of this program.

Who can avail of the CHIPS program? CHIPS program looks on the income of the family on monthly or yearly basis. Depending on how many members a family has, this program has its range of consideration. A family of two composed of one parent or a guardian and a child will have a monthly income of $2,429 a month or $29,140 a year to qualify. The income should also increase with the number of family members. Let us say, the family has 5 or 6 members, there is a specific amount of income of the family to avail of the program. Otherwise, if their income is much bigger than the determinant amount, it is more likely that they will be disqualified. Or, if their income falls much below the determinant amount, they will be given a Medicaid program instead which is also as good as CHIP.

So, who can avail? The following are qualified for the program: anyone living on their own who is 19 years of age and below; children who have to other insurance and are not an extension of their Parents health insurance pool; children whose family are earning enough money to be disqualified of Medicaid but, cannot afford to buy a private health insurance; citizen of the United States of America. The parents’ citizenship status will not affect the qualification of the child’s citizenship; Children who are 18 years old and below and living with a family; pregnant women of any age may avail of the Perinatal program so that the child will be an automatic qualified member. CHIPS program is approved by Pres. Obama to be extended to legal immigrants. With its extended budget taken from the tobacco tax, it gives another 4M children the chance to have good healthcare service. The children of the United States will have better future on healthcare and services with this child-centered program. CHIPS program proves only that United States is concerned and is doing their moral responsibility in taking care of their children who are in need.

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