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CHIPS for Kids: What You Need to Know

////CHIPS for Kids: What You Need to Know

CHIPS for kids is a government program of the United States of America that facilitates the insurance of children’s health welfare. Founded in 1996, the main thrust of this program is to provide the quality health care and services to the children whose family cannot afford private health insurance plans but is not poor enough to qualify to Medicaid. These two points of qualification is carefully met to avoid overlapping and double expense on the government so that the free service is equally distributed to those who are qualified. Income is the primarily determining factor of this program. When we say income, it means anything given or gained by the family that can be transformed into anything to provide consumption for food, shelter and clothing.

The house and lot the family owned is not included as income. Also, the things inside the house like furniture and other personal things are not counted. A burial slot and a burial insurance in a minor scale are also not included as income. A vehicle owned by the family may be included up to some extent depending on what state the family is in. CHIPS for kids gives children the proper health care they need. This includes: (1) Free hospitalization. (2) Well baby check up. (3) Vaccination. (4) Dental check up and services. (5) Doctor’s visit of their choice provided that the doctor is under the CHIP program. (6) Regular check up. (7) Usage of hospital facilities like x-ray and ultrasound. (8) Laboratory Tests. (9) Provision of eyeglasses, eye exams and eye services. (10) Provision of medications and/or vitamins.

CHIPS for kids does not only cater to children but, also to pregnant women without other health insurance. This is called the perinatal CHIP. A child can automatically be a member of CHIP if the mother is under the program before the delivery. It covers the child’s first immunization. If the mother has other health insurance and wishes the child to avail the CHIP, there is just a 90-day waiting period for the processing of the insurance. A child 19 years old and below and is living alone can avail of this program. Any family with a child that has an income within the qualifying range of income can avail of CHIP. CHIP is also extended to the legal foreigners and immigrants last 2009 under the approval of president Obama. According to Sen. Orin Hatch, one of the founders of CHIP, children in need and scared is the moral responsibility of the Americans. CHIPS for kids program will continue to help, to give and reach out to the less fortunate children of the United States.

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