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CHIP Health Insurance: Information and Advice

////CHIP Health Insurance: Information and Advice

CHIP health insurance is a program designed to ensure that every child in the United States has access to adequate medical care and facilities. Regardless of state of residence or income level, CHIP benefits are available to children from the time of their birth up until they turn 19 years of age. Children in the United States may be uninsured for a number of reasons. CHIP insurance guarantees that the expense of quality medical care, a parent’s unemployment, or the unavailability of other health care coverage does not prevent the child from receiving the medical care they require to grow healthy and strong.

A child who is enrolled in the CHIP health insurance program is covered for a variety of routine appointments. With CHIP, insured children are covered for immunizations, prescription medicines, visits with doctors, dental care, and hospital stays. CHIP coverage includes routine items like annual check-ups as well as emergency care arising from an accident or sudden illness. The child can be enrolled in CHIP for as long as they are eligible, or until they reach the age of 19. The parent or guardian of the enrolled child must renew the child’s coverage annually in order to maintain the validity of the policy.

Studies have shown that there are a great number of benefits connected to keeping children insured with the CHIPS health insurance program. Children who have regular access to routine medical care get sick less often and miss fewer days in school. When they do get sick, they are able to be seen by medical professionals to get the care they need to help them get well. Children covered by CHIP get the routine vaccinations that are in some cases required for admission to the public school system. When they are covered under a CHIP program, these children also receive dental care that helps them achieve optimum dental health and leads to fewer problems with their teeth later in life. Having adequate health insurance coverage can be the key to opening the door to improved performance in school and enjoying a more fulfilling lifestyle as adults.

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