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Best Medical Careers for the Future

///Best Medical Careers for the Future

Professions related to the medical field offer challenging, interesting work that generally pays well and is personally rewarding. While doctors are always highly in demand, there are other related professions that require a great deal less schooling, meaning that candidates can begin working in a new medical career within just a few years, depending on their specific goals. Other career paths require more education and their higher pay reflects this investment of time and effort.

Some of the best medical careers for the future provide support roles to doctors in hospitals, clinics, and general practice medical offices. Others will have graduates working in pharmacies or schools. Regardless of the setting, each of these career paths is expected to thrive in the coming years, providing many opportunities for individuals who have obtained the appropriate education and are dedicated to improving the health of others.

One of the best medical careers for the future is that of anesthesiologist. Most anesthesiologists must complete an education which typically lasts around twelve years. Generally, this educational path consists of acquiring a four year degree, followed by four years of medical school, and then four years of specialized training. Even starting salaries in this field are very attractive. Depending upon the size of the employer, an anesthesiologist may be paid a beginning salary of $325,000. Demand for qualified applicants is expected to grow in the coming years.

Nursing is also a profession that is highly in demand. This is a medical-related career that can be started after just one year of education. Other specialized programs offered at community colleges and four year universities may be required if the student has specific goals for a particular practice area. Acquiring extra education is an excellent idea, as this generally increases an individual’s employability and their salary.

Another relatively quick educational track is becoming a pharmacist. Usually aspiring pharmacists begin with a two year program before transitioning to a four year program in which they earn a Doctorate in Pharmacy. The average salary for pharmacists in the United States is $95,000, making this a highly desirable career.

Becoming a Certified Health Education Specialist is another one of the best medical careers for the future. These professionals typically work in schools or health departments and are only required to hold a bachelor’s degree. They enjoy working with people and have excellent communication skills that help them keep the public informed about various medical related issues.

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