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Army Jobs For Women: Information and Advice

///Army Jobs For Women: Information and Advice

There are plenty of Army jobs for women today. In many instances, women who receive Army training and complete a tour are given preference over those who don't. There are more than 250 companies that are dedicated to hiring female Army veterans. Women who want an exciting career, a chance to travel, training and discipline receive all of these things with Army training. Getting preference for Army status is also a benefit these women enjoy. There are many jobs these women wouldn't be able to get easily without their training.

Some of the most exciting Army jobs for women are in the aviation field. The Army provides qualified women the chance to become air traffic controllers. This course lasts about 14 weeks. Women learn air traffic control management procedures, radar detection, landing guidance procedures, take-off methods and aircraft identification. After the training is complete, female Army air traffic controllers are able to work in air traffic control towers. These jobs pay extremely well and come with excellent benefits. In addition to this, careers in air traffic control are rewarding and secure.

Healthcare is another field with plenty of Army jobs for women. These opportunities are endless. The Army pays for female veterans to obtain training as doctors, medical assistants, nurses and other healthcare support workers. Healthcare workers are needed overseas for military hospitals. Army women who have already served a tour in the specific foreign location are usually given preference for overseas jobs. However, there is a great demand for doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and personal care providers to help veterans who are returning to the United States from their overseas duties. There is also a demand for healthcare personnel to help disabled or aging veterans. Since the population is continuously increasing as people age, these jobs are secure.

To find Army jobs for women, it's best to check with the Army's official Web site. The Army keeps a list of employers who favor female veterans. Army women who want a specific type of job they're not currently qualified for should speak with an Army representative about training. Since Army training for various fields is paid for by the military, the possibilities are endless. Women are encouraged to aim as high as they wish for a job. There are also Army representatives who can provide free help in building an attractive resume. The best Army jobs for women don't stay open long, so it's important to act quickly for any desired job.

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