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AARP Dental Insurance for Senior Citizens Review

////AARP Dental Insurance for Senior Citizens Review

Choosing an AARP Dental Insurance for Senior Citizens is a smart decision for retired individuals. These plans are administered by Delta Dental. Most individuals who are familiar with dental coverage know that Delta has some of the country's top insurance plans. AARP Dental offers members the chance to choose from Plan A or Plan B. For a reasonable premium, Plan A provides the most extensive benefits for major and minor dental services. While Plan B offers a lower premium, the benefits are reduced. Both plans feature fixed premiums during the first two years of enrollment.

Deciding which AARP Dental Insurance to choose may be a difficult decision. Individuals who predict the need for extensive amounts of care should choose Plan A. This plan features a $1,500 maximum annual benefit. However, Plan B offers an annual maximum benefit amount of $1,000. Diagnostic, preventative and dental accident care are fully covered with Plan A. The plan covers 80% of denture repair, rebase and relining. Plan A also covers 80% of periodontal maintenance cleanings. The annual deductible amount for Plan A is $50.
The AARP Dental Plan B has an annual deductible amount of $100. The company covers 80% of diagnostic and preventative services and 50% of periodontal maintenance cleanings. The plan also covers 50% of denture repair, rebase and relining. There is no dental accident coverage with Plan B. Each plan has its own benefits and disadvantages. Those who don't have a history of needing extensive dental care each year are safe in choosing Plan B, especially if budget restrictions are an issue. Plan A is an excellent investment for individuals who find themselves in the dentist's chair more than three times annually. The rates often vary slightly from one state to another. Since AARP coverage is offered by Delta, members have the advantage of choosing from a large network of dentists.

Enrolling in an AARP Dental Insurance plan for seniors is fairly simple. Visit the main website, click on the state of residence and view a free quote. Anyone who is a current AARP member qualifies for enrollment. Those who aren't enrolled in AARP must enroll before choosing one of these dental plans. There is also a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If unsatisfied with the plan during this time, a full refund is granted. The refund is offered only if individuals haven't used benefits yet. Instead of signing up online, another option for enrolling in an AARP Dental plan is to call 1-866-583-2085.

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